Startup Business IT Coach

Do you ask yourself these questions?

  • What kind of circuit do I need?
  • Should I choose AT&T, Frontier, Comcast, Spectrum…?
  • What Cyber security do I need?
  • How much bandwidth will I need?
  • Do I need a failover circuit?
  • What kind of cabling do I need?
  • How much electric power do I need for my IT equipment?
  • What cooling units will I need?
  • Do I need a PBX?
  • Do I need a server or can I virtualize?
  • What server resources will I need (Hardrive space, memory, etc.)?
  • Should I use a Data Center or in-house my equipment locally?
  • Can I integrate my alarm system online?
  • Do I need a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan?
  • What Data Backup and Restore procedure should I implement?
  • What data security hardware/software systems do I need?
  • Do I need a VPN connection or other remote connection?
  • Is the cloud right for my business?
  • Do I need to be PCI Compliant?
  • What type of Point of Sale system do I need for my business?
  • Should I use VOIP, Skype for Business or Lync?
  • What customer analytics counter should I use?
  • Should I install guest wireless and is it safe?
  • Should I lease or buy my desktop computers and printers?
  • What kind of asset management system should I buy?.

Lets break it down

As a startup I understand the budgetary constraints of a small business. You have to be very strategic with your capital. With so many facets of technology where you have to have a reasonable knowledge and understanding of it to avoid huge and costly mistakes. I have seen so many companies invest in IT resources that were not necessary and counter productive for their type of business which is why they have so many computer issues afterwards. As a network engineer, system admin, years of experience in a data center environment, infrastructure, cabling, VOIP, wireless, point of sale systems as well as many other IT skills. I have worked hundred’s of contract projects for small, medium, and large businesses. As a contractor for most of my career I have had the opportunity to function in every aspect of technology.

My background and supporting cast

My most recent experience was with Rabobank where I was the VP Sr. IT Manager. I was in charge of 107 branches, 7 operation centers, consisting of over 1600 employees. I have done successful projects for the military, police and sheriff’s department’s, large and small financial institutions, retail, restaurants, medical centers and hospitals, auto dealerships, hotels, motels, pharmaceutical companies, insurance, real estate, mortgage companies, school districts, gas stations, wholesale clubs (e.g. Costco), and many more. I also have highly certified and skilled engineers at my disposal.

What I can offer you

We can coordinate a meeting where you give me the description of your business and as many details as possible. I will give you based on my lengthy and diverse experience what type of IT infrastructure you will need. This is totally my opinion where you can check things for yourself to verify. I have numerous references and you can also go to my LinkedIn Page to see my profile and endorsements. I have been on several IT platforms and have done over 200 projects where the customers rates their experience and I have a 100% rating of customer satisfaction.

What I need in return

I am willing to go anywhere in the US as long as you pay for my travel or I can help you remotely. It would probably be better if I was on location but it is your choice. I will give you my best assessment of what you need based on my experience. The only thing I ask is that you let me negotiate the monthly service contracts (e.g. internet). I can get better deals and the vendors will pay me for my service. You will not have to pay anything. I will get the vendors to compete with one another to give you the best deal.That’s it, you let me negotiate your contacts and I will help you at no cost to get you up and running. The vendor compensation is fairly small so I can only give you 3 free consultation’s. I am a veteran and a christian and I enjoy helping people but I also have to make a living .This offer is for commercial buildings only and not for home businesses (Vendors don’t pay for home businesses).