Eugene Maestas

The owner is an Army Veteran that not only manages highly skilled engineers but he also has over 25 years of hands on experience. He was the VP Sr. IT Manager at Rabobank, Disaster Recovery Officer at New Century Financial and Director of Operations of Visional Technologies. He is committed to your success.


We know there are many ways to skin a cat but we follow industry standards. We always take the safe approach and exchange information with your staff to make sure they are kept up to speed.We know that there is always changes in technology and if we don't know something we know how to be resourceful and get the knowledge needed.


We will lower your overall operating cost without sacrificing quality. We have highly skilled and certified engineers. With over 50 years of combined experience we usually get called when others have failed. Very affordable compared to our competitors We work around your schedule We have plenty of references to back us up.

Cloud Services

We are your *aaS specialist. You can either work in our cloud enviroment or we can work in yours.

Computer Networking

We have higly skilled and competent CCIE certified Network Engineers that are well versed in BGP, MPLS, Firewalls, QOS, etc…


With our Microsoft and Citrix certified system administators we can handle all of server needs.


We have experienced VMware certified administrators we can handle your in-house or Data Center virtual environments.


Just finishing a 2 million dollar Mitel project, we have over 15 years of Telecom experience including traditional PBX, Hosted, and VOIP solutions.


We have done many high profile wireless projects including Aruba at Rabobank, Ruckus, Bridgways and Ubiquity’s at Miramar Mairne Base, Cisco at Long Beach Unified School District, and Hilton Hotels to name a few.


We have over 20 years of cabling experience for just doing regular drops to puncing down patch panels. We have our own cable testes and toners and know how to get the job right the first time.

POS Systems

We have many POS jobs for major banks, Denny’s, Chilis, Red Robin, Walmart, to name a few.

Online Marketing

We not only keep you running like a well oiled machine but we will also show you how to get more business through our advanced marketing technology.

Other: KIOSKS, Deployments, Disaster Recovery, Rack and Stack